Practice Inspection

NHS Scotland Dental Practice Inspections

Combined Practice Inspection (CPI)

Please use the following  CPI Checklist for practices undergoing inspection from 1 January 2017:

The individual surgeries section of the CPI Checklist (Part 4 Individual Surgeries) is available separately. You can print this off as many times as required for the number of surgeries within your practice.

The patient dental records section of the CPI Checklist (3B. Medico-legal and Patient Care) is available separately and can be printed off for use if there are more than 6 dentists in the practice.

Combined Practice Inspection Requirements for Ionising Radiation in Dental Practice

Guidance for both Dental Practices and Dental Practice Inspectors has been provided to clarify the requirements of the Combined Practice Inspection with respect to Radiation Protection.

Sedation Practice Inspection information is now available on a separate page