The Scottish Government

Latest COVID Restrictions, 05 Jan 2021 – CDO Letter

Today’s letter from the Chief Dental Officer clarifies the position for dental practices following the further restrictions announced by the First Minister in parliament yesterday and which came into effect today, 5th January 2021.

In essence there is no change because:

  • Essential travel includes leaving home for healthcare;
  • Dental treatment is healthcare;
  • Dentistry can therefore continue in Level 4 and under the revised restrictions announced by the First Minister;
  • Facial aesthetic treatment (Botox / fillers) is not essential healthcare (not available on the NHS) and should not be undertaken privately.

We are not restricting the range of treatments available through the SDR since I believe that if a patient attends a dentist with a concern then the full range of clinical dental care should remain available to the dentist in order to manage their condition.

Also, you and your patient together, should consider whether there would be an oral health detriment to postponing purely cosmetic dental treatment and if not, this should be deferred to minimise travel around the local area.

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