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Ventilation, water and environmental cleaning in dental surgeries relating to COVID-19

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A Short Life Working Group (SLWG) was established to review and make recommendations for remobilisation, development of guidance and other related activities (e.g. training) with respect to ventilation (and associated aspects) within dental practices in relation to Covid‐19. The contribution that factors play in mitigating the associated risk from Aerosol Generating Procedures(AGPs) were explored. COVID-19:…

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Primary Care Dentistry in Scotland 2014-15

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This  report the first in a new format providing an increased and more clearly structured set of information on how primary care dental services are managed and provided in Scotland, and how well these services are operating. It includes all the information previously provided in annual reports published by the Scottish Dental Practice Board (SDPB), but…

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Dental Workforce Report 2014

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The 2014 Dental Workforce report  is the latest a series of reports that provide analysis, intelligence and modelling to support workforce planning for dental services in Scotland. Download a copy of the report

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Practitioner Services – Dental

Practitioner services is part of  NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) .  It provides patient focused services such as the transfer of medical records between General Practitioner (GP) practices, assisting patients to access GP and dental practices, as well as assisting practitioners to maintain accurate and up-to-date patient registers. We also have a Clinical Governance role…

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Scottish Dental Reference Service (SDRS)

The Scottish Dental Reference Service (SDRS) is made up of a small team of independent dentists who help to monitor the standard and quality of NHS dental treatment. The Scottish Dental Reference Service (SDRS)  is part of  Practitioner Services. Visit the SDRS webpage

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Scottish Dental Practice Board

The Scottish Dental Practice Board was constituted on 1 April 1989, previously, called the Scottish Dental Estimates Board.On 1 April 1993  the Board’s remit became clearly focused on strategic policy issues . The Board remains statutorily responsible for the fees (but not allowances) authorised to dentists by Practitioner Services. Visit the Scottish Dental Practice Board…

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An Analysis of the Dental Workforce in Scotland

This report  was produced as a joint project between NHS Education for Scotland and NHS National Services Scotland. The report is intended to provide data and trend analyses to support workforce planning for NHS dental services in Scotland. Since the launch of the Action Plan for Improving Oral Health and Modernising NHS Dental Services (2005)…

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