The Scottish Government

Statement of Dental Remuneration – Amendment No 130 Letter

This letter advises of an amendment to the  ‘Deemed NHS Committed’  Status for New Practices Claiming Additional General Dental Practice Allowance (GDPA) and Reimbursement of Practice Rental Costs. With effect from 1 November 2015 new practices will no longer be automatically deemed NHS committed for the purpose of entitlement to additional GDPA payment of 6%…

The Scottish Government

Scottish Dental Access Initiative – Nov 2015

This letter advises Health Boards of the latest revisions of the Scottish Dental Access Initiative (SDAI) capital scheme. The revisions come into effect from the 1st November 2015. The outlines those Health Board areas  where offers of financial assistance to establish new or expand or purchase existing NHS dental practices will be available only Download…

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Practice support manual

The practice support manual has been developed to support the organization, management and running of primary care dental practices. It aims to help dental teams keep up to date with legislation and professional regulations, prepare successfully for practice inspection and carry out best practice. The ‘ Practice Support Manual’ (PSM) has been launched as a…

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Decontamination into practice

Decontamination into practice  is a series of documents that provides advice on various aspects of instrument decontamination in dental practice, including: Introduction to decontamination Cleaning and Sterilization of reusable instruments Management of decontamination in the practice Appendices with related information Supporting Tools are also available to download. The guidance was last updated in October 2014.…

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Conscious sedation in dentistry

The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) guidance on conscious sedation in dentistry was first published in 2006 . The aim of the guidance is to promote good clinical practice through recommendations for the provision of conscious sedation for dental care that is both safe and effective. An update of the guidance was published in…

CDO letter about IR(ME)R

The letter gives an overview of the adoption of procedures and provides guidance on patient identification, pregnancy, dose estimation and useful resources to support good practice in radiological protection. Download a copy

Records Management: NHS Code of Practice (Scotland) Version 2.0

The Records Management: NHS Code of Practice has been published by the Scottish Government eHealth Directorate as a guide to the required standards of practice in the management of records for those who work within or under contract to NHS organisations in Scotland. It is based on current legal requirements and professional best practice.

Listing of Dental Bodies Corporate – further clarification

This letter provides further clarification on the listing of Dental Bodies Corporate and the effect of such listing in different circumstances. This letter and the attached Memorandum replace the guidance provided in paragraph 3 of the Annex to NHS: PCA(D)(2010)4, which was issued to NHS Boards, and paragraphs 29 to 33 and 36 of the…