National Dental Inspection Programme (NDIP)

The National Dental Inspection Programme was set up in 2002 following a review of existing schemes.

Its aims  are:-

  • to gather appropriate information in order to inform children (and parents) of their dental/oral health status.
  • through appropriately anonymised, combined data, advise the Scottish Govenment, Health Boards and other organisations concerned with children’s health of the oral disease prevalence in their area.

The 2003 inspection was the first and pilot year of the new NDIP Programme and concerned only Primary I children.

The inspection programme has two levels; a Basic Inspection (which all children in Primary I received) and a Detailed Inspection (for a representative sample of this group).

More information about the NDIP programme  including all the NDIP reports and online training for NDIP inspectors and scribes is available on the NDIP website.

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