Oral health assessment and review

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This guidance document aims to facilitate the move from a restorative approach to patient care to a preventive and long-term approach that is risk-based and meets the specific needs of individual patients. It also aims to encourage the involvement of patients in managing their own oral health.

‘ Guidance in Brief ‘ document incorporates some important developments including:

  • Oral Health Assessments: comprehensive assessments that are only carried out for new patients and then at intervals of 12 months for children or 24 months for adults.
  • Focussed Oral Health Reviews: interim reassessment of elements of oral health previously identified as of concern, carried out at variable intervals depending on the patient’s risk of future oral disease.
  • Applicability: clarification that the approach described is not suited to patients who only attend for urgent care.
  • Record keeping: noting those assessment elements that have been completed and recording positive findings.

The full guidance and support materials can be downloaded from the SDCEP website.

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