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British Dental Association

The British Dental Association was founded in 1880 and is the professional association and trade union for UK dentists. Visit the BDA website

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Latex allergies in health and social care

Natural rubber latex (NRL) is found in many products used in health and social care. And has been extensively used in the manufacture of medical gloves (non-sterile examination gloves, surgical gloves) and a range of medical devices. As the use of such products has increased, particularly of single-use latex gloves in infection control, NRL allergy…

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Disposal of dental service waste

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This document  provides summary guidance of procedures and arrangements for disposal of dental service waste Dental services in NHS Boards, where applicable, can now use the healthcare (clinical) waste service provided by the NHS Board for the uplift and disposal of all the dental healthcare wastes arising. Download document Additional Information on waste management can…

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Remote and Rural Dentistry

The aim of this Scottish Needs Assessment Programme (SNAP) report was to address the serious issues facing remote and rural communities in protecting their oral health and accessing NHS dental care. The report covers provision of NHS dental services and the levels of oral disease in the population in remote and rural areas of Scotland.…

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Child Protection and the Dental Team

Child protection and the dental team is an introduction to safeguarding children in dental practice. It consists of a handbook and equivalent website. Much of the content of the resource is applicable to dental professionals working throughout the United Kingdom. However, policy and procedures are stated for England. Those working in Wales, Scotland and Northern…

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Diagnosis and management of head and neck cancer – SIGN 90

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The guideline follows the patient’s journey of care from prevention and awareness through  treatment to follow up and rehabilitation, making generic recommendations which hold for all  head and neck cancers. The treatment sections focus specifically on cancers of the larynx, oral cavity, oropharynx and hypopharynx, as these are the tumour sites with the highest incidences.…

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Review of Primary Care Salaried Dental Services in Scotland

The review was established in 2002 by the Chief Dental Officer. It was chaired by Margie Taylor, then Consultant in Dental Public Health with NHS Lanarkshire . The remit  of the group was to review the role, remit and structure of primary care salaried dental services and identify an effective and efficient service for the…

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Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP)

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The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) is an initiative of the National Dental Advisory Committee (NDAC) in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland (NES). SDCEP is funded by the Scottish Government Health Directorates and contributes to NES’s role in implementing the Scottish Government’s Dental Action Plan. SDCEP have produced a number of evidence-based guidance…

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Access to Dental Health Services Scotland – 2004

On 1 April 2004, the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body, on behalf of the Health Committee, commissioned this survey of the population of Scottish dentists with the aim of: – Identifying their contribution to the provision of National Health Service dental services in Scotland. Identifying areas where the availability of such services is insufficient to meet…

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An Action Plan for Improving Oral health and Modernising NHS Dental Services in Scotland

This document commonly known as the ‘Dental Action Plan’  was the then Scottish Executive’s response to  two consultation documents:- “Towards Better Oral Health in Children” “Modernising NHS Dental Services in Scotland” The document  sets out an action plan to improve oral health in Scotland, with a particular focus on improving the oral health of our…

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Tayside orthodontic managed clinical network

The Managed Clinical Network (MCN) for Orthodontics within Tayside is a linked groups of health professionals from primary and secondary care, working in a co-ordinated manner to ensure equitable provision of high quality clinically effective Orthodontic services throughout Tayside.  The MCN was established in 2005. The website has guidelines, reports, service information, patient information and…

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NHS Education Scotland (NES) – Dentistry

NHS Education Scotland (NES)  is  a special health board responsible for supporting NHS services in Scotland by developing and delivering education and training for those who work in NHSScotland. NES – Dentistry are responsible for the commissioning and delivery of a wide range of dental education and training in Scotland for all members of the…

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Service guidance on improving outcomes in head and neck cancers

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The guidance recommends which healthcare professionals should be involved in treatment and care, and the types of hospital or cancer centre that are best suited to provide that healthcare. The key recommendations are: Cancer networks should decide which hospitals will diagnose, treat and care for patients Multidisciplinary teams should be responsible for every patient Clear…

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Oral Health in Primary Care

This document addresses the issues of involvement of dental professionals in a partnership approach to improving oral health and access to oral health care services within  Local Health Care Cooperatives (LHCCs).  It looks at current practice since their introduction, reports on the problems that have arisen and why, and highlights important factors to be taken…

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Dental Implants

This report aims to review the current provision of dental implants in Scotland, to consider the respective merits of alternative treatment options and to make recommendations in the light of its conclusions. The scope of this report concentrates on describing the various uses and indications for implants, identifying the need for them within the constraints…

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