Pay and conditions of service: remuneration of hospital dental staff, dentists in public health medicine and the community health service.

The Scottish Government

This circular authorises changes in the pay and national terms and conditions of service of all NHS employed staff detailed in the heading above.

The Scottish Government has agreed the following uplifts to basic pay for the above mentioned staff groups in order to balance
the Recommendations from the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body (DDRB), Scottish Public Sector Pay Policy (SPSPP) and the recently  agreed Agenda for Change (AfC) pay deal for 2018-21. All pay points up to £80,000 FTE will increase by 3% and all pay points at or above £80,000 FTE will be increased by £1,600, or the pro-rata equivalent for part-time workers.

The value of distinction awards and discretionary points for consultants remain unchanged.

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