Research Audit Hours

Following changes to the arrangements for clinical audit participation in research projects participation in dental research will be eligible for  up to five hours audit credit in each three year clinical audit cycle. Dental research audit hours will be administered by Scottish Dental Practice Based Research Network(SDPBRN) via the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Portal.…

European Association of Dental Public Health – Conference resolution on the control of e-cigarettes

At their scientific congress on the 12th June 2014  in Gothenburg European Association of Dental Public Health (EADPH) delegates passed the following resolution on electronic cigarettes and other unlicensed nicotine-containing products. Delegates at the European Association of Dental Public Health 19th annual scientific congress note the uncertainties surrounding electronic cigarettes in their manufacture, safety, marketing,…

Periodontal image

Prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases in primary dental care – New Guidance from SDCEP

The latest guidance from SDCEP  (Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme). The guidance aims to support the dental team in improving and maintaining the periodontal health of their patients The full guideline document and a range of resources can be downloaded from the SDCEP website. These include: – The Full Guidance document  with comprehensive background and…

The Scottish Government

Statement of Dental Remuneration- Amendment No.126

The latest amendments to the Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR) will take effect on the 1st June 2014. This includes a 1.71% increase in the fee-scale on all courses of treatment started on or after 1st June 2014 The maximum patient charge  for a single course of treatment remains unchanged at £384.