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Prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases in primary dental care – New Guidance from SDCEP

The latest guidance from SDCEP  (Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme). The guidance aims to support the dental team in improving and maintaining the periodontal health of their patients

The full guideline document and a range of resources can be downloaded from the SDCEP website.

These include: –

  • The Full Guidance document  with comprehensive background and evidence-based recommendations
  • Guidance in Brief  a summary of the main recommendations from the full guidance
  • Oral Hygiene TIPPS video – outlines the use of  OH TIPPS behaviour change strategy
  • Oral Hygiene TIPPS visual aid
  • Patient leaflet
  • Accessible version of patient leaflet
  • Leaflet for diabetics
  • Accessible version of diabetic leaflet



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