Ionising Radiation IR(ME)R

This page contains links to information about ionising radiation in dental practice. Documents updated from 2019 onwards are now hosted on the SDCEP website.

February 2020

Section 2F of the Combined Practice Inspection (CPI) includes criteria relating to radiation protection. A guide explaining what may be required to fulfil these criteria is available on the SDCEP website

December 2019

May 2018

  • Patient Risk Information Poster – Provision of information relating to the benefits and risks of an exposure for dental practices. Now part of the example Employer’s Procedures above (EP17) and available to download as a separate file via the SDCEP website.

Jan 2016

Guidance relating to the radiation protection criteria of the CPI Checklist v3 was provided in 2016. Practices due an inspection prior to the implementation of CPI Checklist v4 on 1 May 2020 may wish to refer to these:

January 2012

  • IR(ME)R – Dental Explanatory Guide – although it refers to older IR(ME)R legislation, this guide is still available here for information.
  • Presentations at training events on the Ionising Radiation Regulations in 2011.