Safety Climate Survey FAQ5 – What to do after you run your report

Got your Safety Climate Survey report? Great – what now?

Share it

It’s important you share the report with everyone in the practice, not just those who completed the survey.

Talk about it

You should arrange a team meeting to talk about your practice results. You can find some helpful guidance on planning your meeting on our website.

Act on it

After the meeting your practice should develop an action plan highlighting three good points and three action areas. There is lots of guidance and a template plan available on our website. This action plan will need to be uploaded to the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) portal. If you have any issues with uploading your action plan, please contact qi.hub@nes.scot.nhs.uk.

Still have questions or need some support?

Visit our website for all supporting information. If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact our team at hcis.pcpteam@nhs.net and we will be happy to help.

The survey closes on 31 March 2020 so there’s not much time left to get your responses back and run your report if you haven’t already!

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