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Scottish Adult Oral Health Survey 2016-8

Information Services Division (ISD) has today published information on the Scottish Adult Oral Health Survey (SAOHS) . The report provides statistics for the combined 2016 and 2018 SAHOS surveys. Data was collected by 126 dentists for a total of 3,114 patients aged 45 years and over.

Main Points

  • This project has shown that collecting survey data in relation to the oral health and behaviour of patients aged 45 years and over as part of a primary dental care examination is feasible.
  • In this survey of 3,114 patients, 96% of adults aged 45 years and over who attended primary dental care for an examination had at least one natural tooth.
  • Two-thirds (67%) of those with at least one natural tooth had a functional dentition (>= 21 teeth), that is defined as having enough teeth for general oral function.
  • Older patients and those living in the more deprived areas of Scotland were less likely to have a functional dentition.
  • This survey will be used to inform the future collection of adult oral health data in Scotland.


  1. Summary Report
  2. Full Report

Both reports and additional data tables are available on the ISD website


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