Scottish Adult Oral Health Survey 2017-18

The aim of this project is to conduct a survey of oral health within the 45 years and over age group across Scotland as the first stage in the development of a rolling Scottish Adult Oral Health Survey programme.

After successfully trialling this  method of collecting adult oral health data  we are  hoping to recruit about 400 dentists across Scotland  to record routine dental information on between 25-40  of their patients.

What will you be asked to do?

  • register your interest in participating
  • consent eligible patients aged 45  and older
  • collect data on 25-40  patients
  • submit the data  via a secure website.
  • You can also participate in an optional research audit linked to the survey.

To register your interest  in the adult oral health survey

Email:-   from an email account including the following details:-

  • your name
  • your GDC number
  • your practice postcode
  • name of NHS Health board  that holds your main list number.

A copy of the questionnaire used for collecting the data is available to  Download here.

To participate in the associated research audit.

Participating in the Research Audit linked to the survey only requires you to complete a structured reflective report and action plan. Three clinical audit hours have been credited to the research audit.   Details are available here.