Sedation Practice Inspection (SPI) Checklist Revision

Following publication of SDCEP’s Conscious Sedation in Dentistry guidance in 2017, a Sedation Practice Inspection (SPI) Working Group was convened to update the current SPI Checklist taking into consideration feedback received during the CPI/SPI consultation in 2016 and recommendations in the new guidance. All revisions to the latest SPI Checklist (dated v1 July 2018) have been agreed by the SPI Working Group and approved by the CDO’s Quality Improvement Strategy (QIS) group.

The timetable for implementation of the revised SPI Checklist agreed with the Working Group/QIS group is for it to become ‘live’ on 1 November 2018 for all sedation inspections taking place after that date.

See our new Sedation Practice Inspection page for further details

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