Update to Rapid Review of recommendations for re-opening dental services

An update to the recently published rapid review of recommendations for the re-opening of dental services is now available.

The update includes 5 more counties bringing the total to 17 sets of recommendations from 16 different countries.

There are some changes to the key messages:-

  • This review reports on national recommendations for the re-structuring and re-opening of dental services from 16countries.
  • There is a highly variable level of detail given across international sources.
  • Most sources recommend patient triage by telephone; some recommend also temperature screening at reception.
  • Most sources recommend avoiding aerosol generating procedures (AGPs),ifpossible.
  • Most sources recommend surgical masks for non-COVID-19 cases not requiring AGPs.
  • Most sources recommend filtering facepiece class2 (FFP2, equivalent to N95) masks for non-COVID-19 casesundergoing AGPsand all suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases undergoing any procedure.
  • Sources include recommendations on how to reduce the risk of transmission (e.g. use of pre-operative mouthwashes; high volume suction; rubber dam; and Personal ProtectiveEquipment[PPE]).
  • Most sources recommend cleaning and disinfection procedures.
  • Acrosssources,for most statementsthere is no referenced, underpinning evidenceandsome of themare unlikely to have strong (or any) research evidence.
  • All sources emphasise the need to focus on activities that minimise risk (to staff/patients/public) but still support high quality clinical care.
  • There is a need to consider the inter-relationship between the appropriate use of PPE (including donning and doffing), AGPs and interventions to reduce aerosol generation.

The full review is available for download at Cochrane Oral Health

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