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Ventilation, water and environmental cleaning in dental surgeries relating to COVID-19

This SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) on ventilation water and environmental cleaning in dental surgeries relating to COVID-19 was developed by a Short Life Working Group (SLWG) that included all devolved administrations, representatives from Public Health England (PHE) and academia (see table below).

The purpose of the short life working group was to review and make recommendations for remobilisation, development of guidance and other activities (e.g. training) with respect to ventilation (and associated aspects) within dental practices and treatment rooms in relation to COVID-19 based on the best available evidence and consensus expert opinion.

The document examines the current evidence base and is not intended as specific formal guidance in itself, rather it intended to provide recommendations to help inform future policy and the development of guidance. The Chief Dental Officers see this as ”a welcome addition to the information available on AGPs in the COVID period”.

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SLWG Member Health Board/ Trust/Organisation/Group
Ian Storrar (Co-Chair) Health Facilities Scotland
Annette Rankin (Co-Chair) Health Protection Scotland/ARHAI
Gavin McLellan CDO Office
Paul Cushley NSS Director of Dentistry
Mike Weinbren Health Protection Scotland/ARHAI
Andrew Smith Glasgow University and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Catherine Noakes Leeds University
Peter Hoffman Public Health England
Melanie Wilson Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
David McNeil Health Facilities Scotland
Lorna Gordon National ARHAI Scotland
Kirsty McDaid National ARHAI Scotland
Adrian Eggleton NHS Estates
Mike Ralph NHS England and NHS Improvement
Simon Russell NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership
Mark Gapper NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership
Dylan Evans NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership
David Wilson DoH NI Safety Strategy Unit
David McCabrey DoH NI Safety Strategy Unit
Charles Afuakwah NSS
Laura Allison Health Facilities Scotland
  • ARHAI   Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection
  • DoH NI Department of Health, Northern Ireland
  • NSS       National Services Scotland
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