CDO Letter – Full range of NHS dental treatments from 1st November

In a letter released today, Tom Ferris CDO Scotland announced that, as of Sunday 1st November dental contractors will be able to provide a full range of dental treatments to NHS patients. This announcement follows the recent publication of the Scottish Dental Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) ‘Review of Aerosol Generating Provcedures in Dentistry’ which improves understanding of risk management of COVID-19 transmission in dental settings.

The letter recognises that a return to pre-COVID levels patient volumes will not be achievable under current health protection measures and suggests proritising those requiring urgent care or those at increase risk of dental disease. A return to item of service feees and NHS patients charges is also noted, with details to follow. The CDO thanks the dental team for its support over this difficult time and signals future changes to NHS dental services.

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