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Update to Pay and Conditions of Service, 2019-20

Changes in salary scales and allowances in 2019-20 for hospital dentists, public health dentists, dental service staff, training grades, advisors, assistant directors and directors of dental practice education.


No health without oral health – Report

How oral health contributes to Public Health Priorities in Scotland This report has been produced by the Consultants in Dental Public Health (CsDPH) and Chief Administrative Dental Officers (CADO) Group in Scotland as part of the Public Health Reform Programme. This paper outlines the successes in oral health and outlines the challenges to be faced…

Scottish Health Awards 2019

Dentist Award Why not nominate your dentist for the 2019 Scottish Health Awards Dentist Award? Anyone can nominate and nominations from the public are welcome. This award is for an individual dentist providing excellent NHS dental care for people in Scotland. This award aims to recognise the high quality and dedicated NHS dental care that an individual…

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Quality Improvement Activity for General Dental Practitioners 2019-22

A new memorandum [PCA(D)(2019)10] outlining the arrangements for the quality improvement (QI) activities undertaken by dentists for the forthcoming 3-year cycle 2019/22 is now available. Dentists are required to undertake quality improvement activities as a terms of service requirement, as described in paragraph 40 of Schedule 1 to the NHS (General Dental Services) Scotland Regulations…

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Oral Health Community Challenge Awards announced

The Community Challenge Fund was one of the proposals in the Oral Health Improvement Plan. Details of the fund and a call for proposals was launched in February of this year. Details of the successful oral health improvement projects and funding have now been released by the Scottish Government. Details are available on the Scottish…

The Scottish Government

Dental Amalgam

The Scottish Govenment has provided a plan of the action it is undertaking to reduce the use of dental amalgam in Scotland. This is part of a U-wide response to an EU directive which places restrictions on the use of dental amalgam. For further information click here

Smile4life questionnaire

Smile4life is the national oral health improvement programme for people experiencing homelessness in Scotland. As part of an investigation into how Smile4life is being implemented we invite all practitioners that work in oral health and homelessness to complete a short questionnaire. It takes 10 minutes to complete and asks practitioners about their beliefs and attitudes…

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Scottish Adult Oral Health Survey 2016-8

Information Services Division (ISD) has today published information on the Scottish Adult Oral Health Survey (SAOHS) . The report provides statistics for the combined 2016 and 2018 SAHOS surveys. Data was collected by 126 dentists for a total of 3,114 patients aged 45 years and over. Main Points This project has shown that collecting survey…

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Dental management of patients at risk of Infective Endocarditis – Survey

The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) published implementation advice regarding Antibiotic Prophylaxis Against Infective Endocarditis in August 2018. To help explore the usefulness and impact of this advice, we are inviting you to take part in a survey which explores dentists’ current practice, attitudes and beliefs regarding dental management of patients at risk of…

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Dental Nurses Survey

The Scottish Government  in conjunction with the BDA (Scotland) has just announced a forthcoming survey of Dental Nurses. The survey announcement was made in the PCA (D) (2019)6 . Practitioner Services will be emailing a link to the survey to all designated dentists  and the survey will close on the 5th May.