The Scottish Government

COVID-19 Surveillance Programme in Dental Settings

The Chief Medical and Dental Officers have just issued a letter indicating that the dental asymptomatic infection screening programme is to be discontinued at the end of March 2021. Public Health Scotland has published findings of the programme from August to December 2020 and a final report will be published in May 2021 Download a…

Changes to Emergency Dental Kit

This letter from the NHS Scotland Pharmaceutical ‘Specials’ Service (PSS) outlines changes to the contents of the Dental Emergency Drugs box. Download a copy of the letter

The Scottish Government

Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources for Independent Dental Practitioners and their Teams

Scotland’s Mental Health Strategy takes a health promoting and preventative approach, with a guiding ambition to prevent and treat mental health problems with the same commitment, passion and drive as we do with physical health problems. We are acutely aware of the growing impact the Coronavirus pandemic is having on our professional and personal lives. …

PPE Quality Control / Quality issues

The following list of Health Board contacts will allow practitioner to make direct contact with their local boards regarding Quality  Control / Quality issues with the PPE . This will allow the issue to be escalated to National Procurement. This contact should ensure escalation but reduces the notion of multiple dental practices having to make contact…