COVID-19 Summary Page

This page summarises the COVID-19 resource pages relevant to dentists in Scotland that appear in our news page or other pages. It also provides links to other potentially useful resources.

Date Resource
19/01/2021NSS letter funding for Primary PPE provision
05/01/2021Clarification of COVID-19 Restrictions from 5th January – CDO Letter
23/12/2020COVID-19 Level 4 Restrictions – CDO Letter
18/12/2020Non-CE marked Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
01/12/2020PCA(D)2020 (14) Covid Vaccination Programme-2020/21, which should be read alongside this letter from the CMO
24/11/2020 NHS Scotland Standard Operating Procedures for Dental Teams (updated 24 November 2020)
11/11/2020Joint letter from the UK’s four CDOs to dental professionals: Supporting the dental profession throughout the second COVID-19 wave.
26/10/2020 PCA(D)2020 (13) Remobilisation of NHS Dental Services:Phase4
20/10/2020UK COVID-19: infection prevention and control – dental appendix
12/10/2020CDO Letter- Provision of full range of dental treatment to NHS patients
25/09/2020SDCEP Rapid Review on Mitigation of Aerosol Generating Procedures in Dentistry published
03/09/2020CDO Letter about PPE, especially masks, and advice from NSS Clinical Directorate about masks and mask-fitting.
07/08/2020PCA(D)2020 (11) – Providing Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) in Practice
04/08/2020Ventilation, water and environmental cleaning in dental surgeries relating to COVID-19 – SBAR
30/07/2020CDO Letter – Limited range of AGPs for patients in need of urgent care
28/07/2020CDO Letter – Examinations Phase 3 Remobilisation
28/07/2020Aerosol Generating Procedures and their Mitigation in International Dental Guidance Documents
10/07/2020CDO Letter – More details on Phase 3 Remobilisation, and Memorandum with further guidance.
09/07/2020CDO Letter – Phase 3 Remobilisation
24/06/2020CDO Letter – NHS Dental Services Phase 3 –Remobilisation
23/06/2020 SDCEP – Comparison of UK Return to Practice Documents
18/06/2020CDO Letter – NHS Dental Services- Phase 2 Remobilisation
15/06/2020CDO Letter – Remobilisation update 15th June PCA(D)2020/9
12/06/2020SDCEP -Practice Recovery Toolkit – minor update
08/06/2020Accessing PPE – An update for NHS Dental Practices
08/06/2020 CDO letter- Remobilisation of NHS Dental Services in Scotland (Updated)
25/05/2020SDCEP – Practice Recovery Toolkit
20/05/2020CDO letter- Remobilisation of NHS Dental Services in Scotland
18/05/2020Update to rapid review of recommendations for re-opening dental services
13/05/2020Rapid review of recommendations for re-opening dental services (press release).
11/05/2020SDCEP – Drugs for Management of Dental Problems During
COVID-19 Pandemic – Update
07/05/2020Recommendations for the re-opening of dental services: a rapid review of international sources
24/04/2020SDCEP – Dental Practice Closure During COVID-19 Pandemic
11/04/2020Health Protection Scotland – Infection Prevention and Control in Urgent Dental Care Settings during the period of COVID-19
09/04/2020CDO Letter – Personal support to wider COVID-19 NHS response in Scotland
09/04/2020CDO Letter- NHS financial support measures and other sources of funding
08/04/2020SDCEP -Drugs for Management of Dental Problems During COVID-19 Pandemic 
07/04/2020Revised PPE guidance Public Health England
02/04/2020Revised financial support measures
02/04/2020CDO Letter revised financial support
31/03/2020 SDCEP – Management of Acute Dental Problems during
COVID-19 Pandemic
23/03/2020Cessation of Routine Dental Care -CDO Letter
17/03/2020Business Continuity and Financial Support NHS General
Dental Practice
17/03/2020COVID-19 Guidance for NHS General Dental Practice
17/03/2020Provides guidance on dental practices to be undertaken
during COVID-19 pandemic

Infection control and prevention measures

Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service

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