This page contains questions about Training for Dental Decontamination.

What level of training is required?

This will depend on the role of the individual and their responsibilities in relation to the LDU. Different levels of competency will be required depending in whether they are Operators, Users or Managers. At present there is no official requirement for a specific qualification. All registered members of the dental team will need to have completed 5 hours of verifiable decontamination training within their 5 year CPD cycle.

Where can training be accessed?

NHS Scotland E-learning programme for users and operators undertaking local decontamination can be found at

NHS Education for Scotland provides training for the dental team through section 63 courses in all regional centres in Scotland. They can also provide in-practice training covering some aspects of infection control and decontamination. Further details are available from the NES website or contact the infection control support team’s administrator on 0141 531 2642; e-mail