Register with a Dentist

This video explains how to register with an NHS dentist in Scotland:

The video is also available in Arabic, British Sign Language, Cantonese, Farsi, FrenchGaelic, Polish, Somali, Tigrinya, Turkish and Urdu.

Getting NHS dental treatment in Scotland

Information from the Scottish Government about getting NHS dental treatment in Scotland. 

The information covers:

  • how to find an NHS dentist
  • what happens after you have registered
  • what treatment you can get as an NHS patient
  • how to get dental treatment in an emergency, and
  • how to find out more about dental services in Scotland.

Finding a dentist

You can use the NHS Inform dental services registry to get a list of dentists near you.  You can use the filters to find dental services in your Health Board or Local Authority.   Contact details and maps of where to find the services are provided.

Contact details for NHS Health Boards in Scotland

If you need to register with an NHS dentist in Scotland, you may need to contact your local NHS Health Board.  Contact details for each Board are on this page.