National Dental Inspection Program (NDIP) 2019 Report

The latest findings of the Detailed Inspection programme of P7 children in school year 2018/19  have now been released by the Information Services Division (ISD).

The National Dental Inspection Programme (NDIP) is carried out annually under the auspices of the Scottish Dental Epidemiology Co-ordinating Committee on behalf of NHS Boards.

Main points

  • Children’s dental health is continuing to improve in Scotland.
  • Four out of five (80%) P7 children had no obvious decay experience in their permanent teeth in 2019. This is a large improvement since ISD started recording this information in 2005 when just over half of P7 children (53%)had no obvious decay experience.
  • In 2019, the average number of P7 children’s teeth affected by obvious decay experience was 0.42. This is less than a third of the average number recorded in 2005 (1.29).
  • Clear dental health inequalities remain. Seven out of 10 (69.5%) P7 children from the most deprived areas have no obvious decay experience compared with almost nine out of 10 (88.1%) from the least deprived areas.


NDIP reports from previous years are available from the National Dental Inspection Programme website 

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